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Mistwalker by A-Miner-Problem
In the fog-covered forests of Gliese 581c, as the Humans call it, the Mistwalkers stalk their prey for sport. It matters not to them whether this prey is a mere beast, a target for assassination, or a wanted criminal. They live for the hunt.
Wraithbane by A-Miner-Problem
A sword once forged to fight spirits, now wielded by a spirit.

Wraithbane was forged by a great Dwarven swordsmith and enchanted by powerful mages as a gift to King Arcturus Marwood, ruler of the land of Haraldin, to lead the fight against invading Undead forces from the cursed kingdom of AutumnsReach, ruled by a lich who usurped the throne. Though the attack was successful and the lich's phylactery destroyed, King Marwood himself was struck by an arrow.
His sword was entombed with him in a temple built into the back of a giant earth elemental (to prevent thieves from taking it), resting in a preserved state as his body rotted away for three centuries.

For all that time, Wraithbane lay dormant, waiting for the return of its king...

King Marwood's soul was afflicted by the curse over AutumsReach, as a result of falling in battle within that bleak land.
While most rise as a skeleton, ghoul, or mindless zombie; Arcturus was unable to reach his corpse, and so he he wandered the earth between this plane and a strange, empty limbo as nothing more than a shadow. When he made it to his tomb, he found his corpse to be sealed off from both the living and the dead, he was forced to bind himself to his armor. Thus, he rose again as a phantom, a shadow of an age long gone.

He took a hold of Wraithbane once more, and it felt his presence. Once again it glowed and sparked with power, willing to slay anyone standing in its King's way.

He wandered to the fog-covered, shadowy lands in which he fell, and went back to the throne room where he confronted the lich.
He cast aside the crown of Haraldin and donned the crown of AutumnsReach, declaring himself the once and future king of the Damned.

Long live the Phantom King.

(Wraithbane is a zweihander, btw.)
Domingo Benigno. {Finished! Yay!} by A-Miner-Problem
Domingo Benigno. {Finished! Yay!}
Here's the final version of Domingo Benigno, he's a character I play on the Massivecraft Medieval Minecraft roleplay server.

Domingo Benigno is a winemaker. When he was in his twenties, he inherited his orchards from his uncle, and since then he's been a successful businessman and his wines are of very good quality. Recently, however, his life has gone sour. Ever since the move from his home in Daendroc to the bustling cities of Regalia, he's been hit hard with financial troubles and shipments being delayed and/or ruined. Yet despite of all these hardships, he still manages to find peace with his mandola.

Domingo is usually a fun person to be around, as he is often full of energy and even more often has had some wine recently.

his design was heavily inspired by Miguel from Road to El Dorado. 

Made in GIMP.
Guten tag, My name is A-Miner-Problem, also known as Dr. Blitzlanzer, or Herb, or Nyarlathotep, whatever you want to call me.

I'm a sketch artist and writer, although I do some other assorted stuff like digital art and leatherworking like the plague mask in my gallery.

I'm an American, I live near St. Louis Missouri, and I am a Non-Denominational Christian. I'm a fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Asprin, H.G. Wells, Joss Whedon, Markiplier, and Edgar Allan Poe.

I am particularly fond of plague doctors and ravens, and use them as my persona and motif, respectively. I'm an unashamed member of the Steampunk fandom, and I have a strange fondness for the post-apocalypse.


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Herb Deles.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi. You found me.

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